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When I tell you that Felicia Day will be returning to Dollhouse for the series finale, you might be confused trying to remember when she was on the FOX series before. Well, she was ... and she wasn't. But there is an episode of Dollhouse called "Epitaph One" from last season that Day starred in. It was just never on TV.

Fans could see it via iTunes or the Season One DVD set, and many of them (myself included) thought it was the best episode of the series to that point. In it, Day played a woman who leads a group of renegades in a world that's been brought to its knees by the bastardization of the technology of the Dollhouse. Humanity has been wiped and turned into raging zombies, of a sort.

The series finale, tentatively titled "Epitaph Two," takes us back to that future -- or maybe a similar one. It's described as a modern zombie tale set in the future, over at Slice of SciFi. Of the finale, Day says, "They wrap up the storyline in an amazing way and I’m blown away by the writing." It's unfortunate that Dollhouse took so long to find its way; these double-shots we've gotten this month have been some of the creatively strongest episodes yet.

The series finale of Dollhouse is scheduled to air Friday, January 22, 2010.

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