From SNL's "Hanukkah Song" by Adam Sandler and Jon Lovitz' Hanukkah Harry to South Park's Kyle Broflofski being a "Lonely Jew on Christmas" there is certainly no shortage of chosen people on the small screen. I mean, we do own the media after all, so the holiday season is certainly not gong to slip by without making many memorable references to the Festival of Lights. South Park's Kyle usually goes along with his friend's Christmas capers, often involving another alternative tradition in Mr. Hanky, but it doesn't always help with the feeling of ostracization that's part and parcel of being part of a minority religion. And it's damn near impossible to shake it when you're friends with Cartman. Our games are not stupid!

Hybrid Holidays like Chrismukkah
Okay. I'll come clean. All this time (well, this list) I've been claiming to be part of the chosen people but in reality I'm much more of a mutt. And in an even more real reality I don't prescribe to any religion but that makes the holidays look like this. So, back to being half-Jewish, half-Christian and how the holiday hybridization known as Chrismukkah, made popular by the The OC's Cohens and Nichols, is a personal one. Although I never shared Seth's unbridled enthusiasm or belief in miracles, I did enjoy watching another family scrabble over which holiday to celebrate before ending up with the winning combination (I prefer Hannumas but whatever). And if two holidays smushed together isn't enough, who could forget Virgin Mobile's Chrismahanukwanzakah ads truly try to please everybody.

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