Life Day
The fact that you have likely not seen Star Wars: The Holiday Special speaks for itself. George Lucas thinks it's so bad that even he won't make it readily available! George Phantom Menace, Crystal Skull, A New Hope (wait, that movie kicks ass) Lucas. Need more convincing? I'm a fan of Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (nostalgia's a powerful drug) and even I can't get through all of Leia singing Happy Life Day without contemplating the dark side. It's not even fun bad. Having said that, enjoy the aired-only-once TV special that finds the iconic characters engaging celebrating a Wookiee alternative to Christmas called Life Day. In theory it all sounds great though, I mean, who doesn't want to spend the special season with Chewbacca's family Kashyyyk? That's Chewy, Itchy, Malla and Lumpy. Yep.

A Community College Grab bag!
The official stance at Greendale is one of devout secularism, lead by the Dean, Mr. Winter, but the study group itself offers a nice cross section of society. There's Shirley's nagging about that too popular holiday and Annie's proclivities for the Festival of Lights. Abed representing Ramadan while Troy's doesn't celebrate anything, being a loyal Jehovah's Witness. Britta's Atheism matches nicely with her hatred of crass commercialization as Piece practices some non-cultish Budhism. Oh, and don't forget Jeff's too cool to care agnosticism. The message: it's important to respect all religions and however people want to celebrate the holidays. Unless you're a lazy Agnostic or it involves lasers. The clip I wanted to include from "Comparative Religion" wasn't available so we'll have to settle for TroBed rapping to save Christmas. Oh well.


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