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It’s a continuance – not a remake. It takes place in the same world as the movie. It looks as though the film, Flatliners might be made into a TV show. The folks over at Collider.com spoke with Stephen Susco (writer of both Grudge films) while at Sundance. During the interview, Susco mentions working on the project with Michael Douglas. He doesn’t give many details other than to say that the series would be a continuance, not a remake and that, “It takes place in the same world as the movie”. I guess that means maybe some of the characters from the movie will be featured or at the very least, referenced in the “continuance.”

In case your memory’s a bit fuzzy, the film was released in 1990 Flatliners centers on a bunch of med-students who experiment with death by stopping each other’s hearts and then reviving each other after a couple of minutes. Their brief visit to the afterlife causes them to have haunting visions later on. It’d be very interesting to see how the film is adapted to a TV series if Susco and Douglas are in fact able to get the project off the ground.

To view the video-interview, check out Collider.com