The ballerina in the attic.
I already mentioned some of the deviations from the book, and a lot of them I’m fine overlooking, as it would be impossible for them to squeeze everything into the film. But there are two elements from the book that are far too vivid in my imagination to forget about entirely while watching the TV movie. The first is the vastness of the attic. As I pictured it from the book, the attic is a spacious area full of old things and lots of room for the kids to run around. It's their dusty old garden and playground. As it's presented in the TV movie, it appears to be little more than a room tucked away in a giant mansion. Maybe we're supposed to imagine it bigger, but every scene up there seems like it's happening in the same cramped space.

And then there's Cathy's dancing. In the book, Cathy's physical outlet is ballet. It's what she does to pass the time, it's the goal she repeatedly sets for herself and as it relates to who she is as a character, it's part of the more darkly enchanting side of this sad and strange story. Unfortunately, in the movie, this aspect of Cathy's character is pretty limited. Granted, Shipka’s ballet abilities may be limited, which could've been the issue, if not the time constraints, but the dancing is one of the core parts of who Cathy is as a character, so I would have liked to have seen more of that. And it’s part of the connection that forms between her and her brother. Speaking of which...

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