Here's where things get just a bit more spoilery (no major reveals, just some interesting character commentary), so read on with that in mind.

Speaking of the series itself, the dynamic between Bacon's character FBI agent Ryan Hardy and Purefoy's serial killing Joe Carroll is one of the most compelling aspects of the series. Hardy's kind of a loner who's dedicated but not much of a people person. Carroll, on the other hand, has the kind of magnetism that makes people crave his attention. In fact, it's his charismatic nature that allows him to develop the dark following of people we begin to see at the start of the series. But how does Ryan Hardy feel about Joe? From what Bacon says, it sounds like that answer is complicated, but it will be addressed directly with a flashback episode at some point during the series…
In one of the episodes, we go back and we meet Ryan when he first meets Joe and before he knows that Joe is a suspect. He's just interviewing him by happenstance on this college campus. And what you see is that he gets strangely seduced by Joe. Not in a sexual way but just in a friendship way. Joe sees into Ryan and is able to kind of play him like a violin. And there's a lot of qualities of Joe that Ryan really admires.

I'm not - when I say me, I mean my character - he's not an extremely well read and well educated man. He's not a people person. He's not a charmer. He's not a dynamic speaker. And he's maybe not even somebody that you necessarily want to go and have a beer with. And Joe Carroll is all those things. And I think that I look up to him in a strange kind of way. It's one of the dynamics of the show that I think is interesting and one that we continue to play with.

If you've seen the previews, clips and trailers and you think you're going to like this show, be excited, because you probably will. We'll have more to say on that when we share our review. In the meantime, take Bacon's word for it…
It'll keep you on the edge of your seat. It will shock you and surprise you and hopefully you will get drawn into, not only what's going on plot-wise, but also what's going on emotionally with these characters that you'll want to come back the next week to see where things go.

The Following premieres Monday, January 21 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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