When I read that Paul Campbell of Battlestar Galactica was cast in the upcoming NBC series Knight Rider, one question came to mind: “Who?” I’m a fan of BSG but the name wasn’t ringing a bell. A quick search on IMDB gave me my answer. Campbell played Billy, President Roslin’s right-hand man and Dualla’s boyfriend. Poor Billy got killed off in the second season, taking a bullet for D, who had recently rejected his marriage proposal. RIP Billy.

Anyway, according to the Reporter, Campbell’s signed on to play the head research tech at Knight Industries.

In other casting news, All My Children’s Leven Rambin has been cast to play the role of Becky in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Her character is a teenager and possible girlfriend material for John.

Sophina Brown (Shark) has been cast to play Nikki Donat in Numb3rs. Donat is an ex-LAPD thrill-seeker who joins the FBI a s a junior agent. Interestingly enough, Brown is already credited for one episode of Numb3rs. She played Bianca Styles in the episode titled “Scorched.”

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