Starting in January, Monday nights on Fox will be an action geek’s dream come true. The network announced today that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which will pick up the story of the rise of the machine-led apocalypse told in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, will now launch on January 14th 2008 at 8pm, right before 24’s seventh season premiere.

According to Variety, Fox executives felt that they could “make more noise” with pairing the two shows together. This is also probably because they want to take on the powerful nerd/action trio of Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman NBC has on their Monday night schedule.

According to a press release from Fox Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles will follow 15-year-old high-school student (and future leader of mankind) John Connor and his mother Sarah as they try to balance a normal life while being fugitives from the law. Joining them will be John’s friend from school Cameron (excellent inside reference!), who takes on the role of protecting Sarah and John from the FBI of the present and the machines of the future.

When The Sarah Conner Chronicles was announced (without the “Terminator” tag) in May, it was supposed to be part of a new revamped Sunday line-up, which would have moved the Fox “Animation Block” of shows to 7pm, with Connor landing the 9pm slot. This was probably to counter the alienated guys who needed something to watch when football is over in January, and most of the TVs in America are tuned to Desperate Housewives. But Fox has said it will keep its two-hour animation line-up from 8-10pm.

There are some other shows that will be affected as well. Fox had planned to put the Katrina-cop drama K-ville in that 8pm slot before 24, but now has no definite home after January (to go from 24’s lead-in to possibly off the schedule altogether has got to hurt). Also, Prison Break will end its fall season on December 17th, and then will enter the schedule again on April 14th at 8pm, where it will be follow by 24 until June.

So will a Terminator and Jack Bauer be able to defeat Chuck and a team of superheroes? We’ll see in 2008.

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