Each year when fall rolls around, the networks bring forth their newest TV endeavors, hoping to impress and excite viewers with a creative premise or a compelling set of characters. With a little luck, the viewers will get both. However, inevitably there are some quickly cancelled failures or characters that make us cringe week in and week out—and not in the way that Girls makes us cringe while laughing uncontrollably.

At TV Blend, we know it’s not all black and white. Sometimes a great show can feature an unconvincing character, sometimes a bland show’s scales can be tipped toward terrible by a poorly written man or woman (or alien), and sometimes even the worst shows can have a stand-out low point. This year, instead of celebrating the worst of the worst new programs on TV, we’d like to get out our shiny microscope and dig in a little deeper, taking a look at the brand new characters that just don’t work. We combed through the worst of the best and the worst of the worst, arguing and shouting along the way, until we narrowed the list to five (in no specific order). Without further ado, here are the worst characters of 2012.

1. Fausta From NBC’s Go On
Go On is my favorite new show on television. It’s the only program I ever bother to tune in live for (well, sans The Amazing Race). But Go On has a problem. The show’s large ensemble cast in the support group means we have a lot of one-note characters. There’s the terrifying cat lady, Sonia, and the introvert-turned-extrovert kid, Owen. However, the worst offender is Tonita Castro’s Fausta, a character that seems to have been brought in only to provide a multi-ethnic atmosphere and be the brunt of a few jokes.

In everyday life, Fausta would probably be a likeable enough human, willing to be part of a team and make the best of certain situations. However, as a comedic character, Fausta is as useless as a door hinge without a door. Most of her laughs are earned through a recurring plotline where the woman will pretend her English is not so good when there’s something going on she does not want to here. This may have earned a smile the first time, but it’s not valuable currency, anymore.

It’s hard to fault Go On for it’s one-note characters, when most of the show’s characters (Ryan, Lauren, Carrie, Anne, and Steven) are top notch. It’s just that a little streamlining—or a little more work with the ensemble—could go a long way.

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