2. Sheila From NBC’s Guys With Kids
Despite the less than promising promotional material, I really wanted to like Guys with Kids. As a big fan of Jimmy Fallon (and his Late Night), it was exciting to hear he'd be executive producing a series for NBC, but the series turned out to be a standard relationship based sitcom without much to do with fatherhood. It's hard enough to embrace the live studio audience and other dated trappings, but the show also contains (too many) clichéd characters poorly drawn from the era when the peacock was king. While all the actors are too good for the material, Jesse Bradford and Erinn Hayes are not nearly as successful in escaping the dreck as the other couples, and exes Chris and Shelia should probably both be in contention for the worst new characters on television.

Bradford's recently single father may be painfully plain, yet he's still a step up from Hayes' crazy ex-wife, who comes across as a one-dimensional rehash of Christa Miller's Jordan Sullivan from NBC's (and ABC's) Scrubs. They even look the same. I don't blame Hayes. The actress has been great on other comedies, including Children's Hospital; however, in Guys with Kids, Shelia is written as an unsympathetic, unoriginal and, worst of all, unfunny character. And being bottom of the barrel on Guys with Kids must place her pretty low on the overall TV list.

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