3. Kylie Sinclair From ABC’s Last Resort
One of the things I love most about ABC's Last Resort is the number of strong female characters featured in the series, which follows a U.S. military submarine crew trying to survive after falling under attack by its own government. Characters like Lt. Grace Shepard, and island residents Sophie Girard and Tani Tumrenjack strike me as particularly strong, sufficient women. The only issue I have with the show right now is Autumn Reeser's Kylie Sinclair, the weapons lobbyist.

Sinclair's like some kind of super-woman, full of knowledge and energy, rushing around trying to figure out what's going on, tracking down leads and looking for answers. I understand the point of the role and it seems likely that she'll play a big part in the plot of this series as it moves forward. But right now, Kylie comes on more than a little too strongly, which makes her seem unrealistic as a character. I like that she's beautiful, educated and confident. Those are her best traits and none of that should change. It's the execution that could be toned down a bit, if only to make her seem less primetime soap and more fitting to the rhythm of the otherwise excellent series.

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