4. Nate from NBC’s Revolution
Revolution features a sparkling premise that borrows scenes from the futuristic “What if?” program Life After People. So far, I’ve bought in to the dazzling endeavor, investing in the survivalist attitude and kick-ass capabilities of most of the characters on the show. Except for Nate—the militia kid following around Charlie like a lovesick puppy dog. He’s meant to give the soulless machine that is the militia a little bit of heart, but so far he’s only managed to be a convenient plot device.

Yeah, I’m aware there was a pretty big, complicated reveal involving Nate at the end of last week’s episode, which we all probably should have seen coming a mile away (I didn’t). Even with some backstory on the kid revealed, he’s still more of a plot device than an actual character, showing up to add some tension to a scene and, inevitably, to save Charlie’s ass (Why can’t they just let the heroine save herself a time or two?). Revolution’s a really fun watch, but it’s about time Nate goes hard or goes to a more ‘heavenly’ home.

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