Having Someone So Easy To Hate Around
George R. R. Martin has written a ton of different sorts of personalities into his A Song of Ice and Fire series, many of which have translated well into the HBO adaptation. Joffrey was one of the characters who has been even more watchable in the flesh, thanks to an excellent portrayal by actor Jack Gleeson. Gleeson played the character like a spoiled brat with limited vision. He was a narrow bully who was easily distracted by shiny weapons and naked prostitutes. He truly offered no redeeming qualities, yet he was still one of the big reasons fans tuned in, simply so they could root for him to falter.

Why We’ll Miss It: There are certain characters everyone loves and certain personalities we all like to watch succeed. The heroes are heroes for a reason. They’re meant to be our favorites. Now and again, however, it’s terrific fun having someone to truly despise. It’s exciting to get worked up about how truly wretched a particular person might be because it shows how invested we are. It makes the other characters more likable by comparison, and it helps to provide balance to a series with numerous perspectives. Joffrey was a total d-bag, but he was Game Of Thrones’ d-bag, and without him, the world will be a whole lot less colorful.


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