The Other Lannisters Being Annoyed By His Bullshit
Joffrey theoretically had plenty of power, but he never commanded much respect, especially from his family. His own mother knew he was a monster, his uncle Tyrion loved wheedling at him and his grandfather Tywin really ran the show. There’s nothing more amusing than when Joffrey acted out like a spoiled brat during family meetings, only to get pounced on by his nearest and dearest. It just won’t be the same without someone to pick on.

Why We’ll Miss It: The other Lannisters may not have been impressed by Joffrey’s antics, but we certainly loved the dialogue that ensued. Joffrey was truly a sounding board meant to bring out some of the Lannisters' best and worst qualities, and since he technically had more power than them, they each found really humorous ways to deal with his bullshit without being overly disrespectful about it. At least, most of the time. Ever so often, one of them would respond with a slap or a direct insult, however, and those moments were always golden.


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