The Eyrie
A lot of the fourth season action will take place in King's Landing but a lot of characters will also be leaving the capital, some for greener pastures and some, well, because anything is better than being a Stark in the city after the regicide. Not that Sansa was having the best go of it before Joffrey got a taste of his own venom. So she'll be smuggled out and soon become Alayne Stone of The Eyrie.

I know what you're thinking (or at least what I'm thinking), that means we're going to have to hang out with Lysa and Lord Robert for a good while. They are the worst. It's like a Lucille and Buster Bluth origin story that's not played for laughs. It also means we're going to have to watch the "Mockingbird" (also the title of the seventh episode) hit on Sansa for most of the season until Lord Baelish tosses Lysa out the moon door. That's got to happen this year, right? But how far do Littlefinger's schemes go before the finale? Little Robin will still be around though. The worst. I want to see him fly.

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