This weekend Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe will be hosting Saturday Night Live, and if you are wondering why the girl from the gritty drama Precious is hosting a comedy show, you clearly didn't see Sidibe on the Oscar red carpet, where she propositioned Gerard Butler and called her dress the money shot of fashion (seriously please watch the videos linked there). Sidibe is hilarious and fearless and compulsively watchable, and the idea of her hosting SNL fills me with nothing but joy.

And if you're not convinced, the new promos released by NBC should seal the deal. Sidibe does the usual spiel about the musical guest (MGMT, by the way) with Andy Samberg by her side, then alternately propositions Samberg, points a gun at him or tells him to take off his pants (all in separate promos). It lasts a minute and if the episode itself is this enjoyable, this might be best-of-season material. Check out the promos below and catch Sidibe on SNL this weekend.

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