Scandal's third season is just days away! The above promo teases the drama that's ahead. If you recall at the end of Season 2 -- and stop reading now if you're not caught up! (Also, get caught up!) -- the cat was somewhat out of the bag on Olivia and Fitz. Ok, technically we don't know just how out of the bag this cat is, but her name is out there and people are most definitely talking. The promo indicates that this is obviously a pretty big plot point at the start of Season 3, as do these two clips, the first of which show the gladiators assembled and ready to handle this business.

Before we talk about the content, let's pause to applaud Abby for her hair and make-up choices in the new season. She looks fantastic! Moving on to more relevant matters, Olivia doesn't want to be the firm's next client? Why does that not surprise me. As good as she is at handling other people's scandals, she doesn't want assistance in handling her own.

Next up, is the fire alarm. Like actual fire alarm? I'm not sure. See what you can make out of this conversation.

It seems like Olivia accessed some kind of one-time-only failsafe emergency option, maybe in an effort to see Fitz? He calls it a fire alarm, but I'm thinking that may just be the code-word for whatever this thing is that she triggered that she can never trigger again. Either way, Fitz is mad. And Olivia wants to make a plan. Usually when Olivia's talking fast and assertively means she's in control, but she really doesn't seem like she's in control there.

Finally, we have the episode description for "It's Handled."
SCANDAL - "It's Handled" - With Olivia's name out there as the President's mistress, both the White House and Pope & Associates face their biggest scandal to date, and a surprise allegiance is formed in order to get things handled. Meanwhile, Olivia's father, Rowan, will stop at nothing to carry out his orders and no one, including Olivia, can stand in his way, on the Season 3 Premiere of "Scandal," THURSDAY OCTOBER 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Any chance Mellie's the "surprise allegiance"? Sure, she's tossing threats around in the preview up top, but I don't know that I'd be surprised to see her working with Olivia to squash this scandal if it means having things back to the way they were for her and Fitz before he was trying to leave her. Just a thought. We'll find out Thursday!

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