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Like all industries, a success in Hollywood will lead to greater opportunities. Make one great piece, and studio executives will begin to take notice. Writer and producer Adam Goldberg has begun to experience this phenomenon first hand. After having immense success creating The Goldbergs, ABC has hired his comedic mind to develop a new – somewhat absurd – new sitcom.
Deadline reports that ABC has ordered a new pilot from Adam Goldberg, following his success with the hit sitcom The Goldbergs – which is currently in its third season for the network. The premise of the pilot is as bizarre as it is promising.

Centering on a bachelorette in her 30's, the project will follow the female lead as she falls head over heels in love with a single father of three. This meeting causes a loose cannon imaginary friend from her childhood to rear its head in order to help her become a more responsible adult and make the transition into the relationship. While the show will take place in a live-action format, the imaginary friend will be rendered with CGI to give the overall project an otherworldly feel.
This new series was originally going to be fronted by a male lead, but somewhere in the show’s development they decided to switch things up and go with a female main character. This seems like a smart decision for the pilot, as it deviates from numerous other male-centric projects that have tackled this sort of premise – see: Ted – and fits with the somewhat female oriented audience that ABC tends to attract with their particular brand of TV programming. There’s no word yet as to the gender of the imaginary friend, but between Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane The Virgin (among others) overall television has seen a growing prominence of outlandish female characters.
Having the show aired on ABC seems like the right call. Aside from the fact that Adam Goldberg has a strong working relationship with the network, ABC feels like the place where this sort of program could work. More than any other network, ABC – perhaps due to their affiliation with Disney – has generally been more willing to indulge programs that push the boundaries of reality, such as The Muppets, or Marvel shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter.
The project is currently in the very earliest stages of development, and as such we don’t even have a title to report on yet. In the coming months we can likely expect much more information with regards to casting and official premiere date. We will bring you more information on the upcoming pilot as it becomes available to us, in the meantime you can catch The Goldbergs every Wednesday night on ABC.

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