Don Cheadle beats Louis C.K. and Alec Baldwin?!
By Jesse Carp
When the Golden Globe nominations were announced one particular nominee stood out in the Best Actor in a television series, musical or comedy and it wasn't just because Don Cheadle was a newcomer (or movies star) in a category filled with familiar TV faces. The nod wasn't a head-scratcher due to any lack of talent on the Academy Award nominee's part, Cheadle shines in pretty much any role he's given (required he doesn't have to put on a cockney accent), but because the show in which he stars is an absolutely terrible. And then the surprise nomination for the lackluster (at best) series turned into an unwarranted win during last night's ceremony.

House of Lies shouldn't have been rewarded with a second season let alone any awards, but Cheadle somehow managed to beat out the likes of Louis C.K. and Alec Baldwin. The leading man does a pretty decent job with the dreck, sorry, material he's given but it's hard to praise the work when connecting with the character (or supporting the series in general) is pretty much impossible. Oh well, only more defeatist fuel for Louis when he decides to return to FX and Baldwin's got to bag it next year as 30 Rock wraps.

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