Did Maggie Smith deserve to win over Archie Punjabi?
By Mack Rawden
I’ll be the first to admit that Maggie Smith is the most enjoyable part of Downton Abbey. Her Dowager Countess is always ready with a hysterical, passive aggressive quip or the second best flowers in the surrounding area, but there is a difference between being a great character and being a challenging character to act. Smith is an absolute treasure and an incredible actress, but more often than not, she’s not really asked to do much on Downton other than act offended and cut the legs out from underneath people with biting retorts. A strong case could be made that she’s not even the best supporting actress on her own show let alone in the entire world. The Good Wife’s Archie Punjabi’s Kalinda, on the other hand, is consistently required to straddle the line between being a loving sounding board for Alicia and a badass investigator required to use both her brains and her strength to gain information. She simply has more depth than the Dowager Countess, and in my estimation, Punjabi was more deserving of the award than Smith.

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