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I’m starting to get the feeling that we’re about to enter a new era on television. An era in which we return to really, really silly television programs. Things got serious for awhile, thanks to Heroes even hour superheroes got dark and gritty. Television got linear and everything was spooky islands and plane crashes. But now there’s No Ordinary Family, a show that would have been pretty comfortable airing after Knight Rider back in the 80s. And here’s another utterly ridiculous blast from the past: The Munsters is coming back.

EW says Pushing Daisies producer Brian Fuller is working on a modern-day reboot of the classic, monster sitcom and he may be working on it with Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro of all people. Rumor is that Del Toro may take on an unspecified behind the scenes role on the show.

So far NBC has only ordered a pilot, which they’re working on and will presumably use to decide if they want to commit to the show as a series. They’re describing this take on The Munsters as “Modern Family meets True Blood” which, despite the general silliness of the concept, actually sounds kind of good.

This won’t be the first time The Munsters has gotten the reboot treatment since the original show, which starred Fred Gwin as the Frankenstein head of a family of classic movie monsters, left the airwaves in 1966. The Munsters Today debuted in 1988 and ran until 1991, checking off 72 episodes in total. The original, and now instantly iconic, 60s version only lasted 70 episodes.

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