Former Daily Show and Colbert Report executive producer Ben Karlin is getting ready to unleash more political hilarity to the masses, this time in the form of a comedy for HBO. Women’s Studies will follow a former famous author who did a stint as a big feminist “it” girl, but now works at a liberal arts college in the Northeast. So I’m assuming this won’t be a turn to the right leaning political side for Karlin.

Julie White is currently being eyed as the star of the series, she’ll also be on board as a producer. NYPD Blue’s Theresa Rebeck joins Karlin as executive producer on Studies. I’m not sure how well the formula will work as a scripted series, which is being penned by Rebeck. Although I doubt anyone can really get the feel that Jon Stewart gives to Daily Show, even Stephen Colbert comes up moderately short in that department. Plus HBO already has their left leaning political talk show with Real Time.

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