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Fans of the George R.R. Martin series A Song of Ice & Fire might be interested to know that HBO is planning to adapt the novels into a TV series. The fantasy series starts with A Game of Thrones and that’s presumably where the series would start off as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, A Game of Thrones is set to be exec-produced by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss and Guymon Cassidy. As novels are all set firmly in the fantasy genre (think castles and dragons), it’s to be expected that the budget for this series could be a factor. Though Weiss says “It's not a story with a million orcs charging across the plains. The most expensive effects are creature effects, and there's not much of that.”

If HBO were to give this adaptation of the series a fighting chance, the producers hope to stretch each novel out over the course of a season. Having not read this series, it’s hard to be enthusiastic about this specific adaptation but as a fan of some other series, (Harry Potter among them), I’m very eager to see if this project actually works out. Using Harry Potter as an example, I doubt I’m alone in feeling constantly disappointed by how condensed and abridged the story is in the film adaptations of the novels. I’ve often wondered if it might have been better for Rowling’s series to have been adapted to the small screen, trading some of the big-budget effects for the more fleshed out adaptation of the characters and story. If HBO does give Thrones a chance to go to series after the pilot order (there are 10 other pilots in contention for series orders right now), it’ll be interesting to see how fans of the series react to the TV adaptation of the novel(s).