It took only 15 minutes after my DVR viewing of Treme to find out I wouldn’t have to sweat out worrying about a second season of the HBO series. According to Variety, HBO has already picked up a follow up season. Treme’s harsh and honest look at post-Katrina life in New Orleans gave viewers and critics (including yours truly) jonesing for a little more David Simon (The Wire) magic, a decent sized fix.

The HBO series follows the lives of New Orleans residents, especially those involved in the rich musical heritage of the city, as they begin to repair the devastation they faced after Katrina. Simon’s unflinching eye and attention to detail make the show both difficult and beautiful at the same time. Following Simon’s run on The Wire, fans can expect a show that pulls no punches in its commentary on how New Orleans has been forgotten in the eyes of the country but not in the minds of its residents. Treme refers to a heavily flooded and impoverished neighborhood in New Orleans.

The Treme cast includes Wire alumni Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters as well as Steve Zahn, Khandi Alexander, Kim Dickens and John Goodman.

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