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It's a good day to be a Harry Potter fan. First comes Scholastic's announcement about new covers for the Harry Potter paperbacks and now we learn that film star Rupert Grint - a.k.a. Ron Weasley - has been cast in a CBS comedy pilot. And not just any pilot, either. This one comes from Raising Hope and My Name is Earl's Greg Garcia.

TVLine says Grint will play the lead burger-flipper in CBS' comedy pilot Super Clyde. Unlike a lot of comedies at CBS, this one's a single-camera comedy. It follows "a meek fast food worker who decides to become a super hero." Sounds a bit like Kick-Ass, though I expect less violence and a few more laughs with this project by comparison to Matthew Vaughn's DIY-superhero film(s).

Of the Harry Potter trio, we haven't seen as much from Grint in the post-Potter years as we have with Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. But Grint does have a number of features coming up, including CBGB and Into the White, the latter of which just released a trailer. A switch to TV could be the right move for the actor, and a Greg Garcia pilot certainly isn't a bad place to start. Though, as I said, CBS is more about the multi-camera comedies, and Garcia actually has one of those in the works for the network, in addition to this one. Hopefully things will work out for Super Clyde, because I'd love to see Grint in a starring role (as a superhero) in a comedy.