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During the network upfronts a few weeks ago one of the few new shows to get consistently good buzz was Hawaii Five-0, CBS's glossy remake of the old TV show that has Daniel Dae Kim freshly from the neighboring Lost set, Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin, Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park, and basically all the police procedural goodness you could ask for in a beautiful tropical setting. It's hard to see how that formula could go wrong especially on procedural-friendly CBS, and now that the network has released a four-minute trailer to THR, you can see for yourself that it doesn't.

I watched this trailer not long after seeing the new A-Team clips, and both seem to have the same fun, adventurous, you-don't-wanna-miss-this vibe. Hawaii Five-0 doesn't seem to be reinventing television on any level-- not even with that prologue opening in South Korea for some reason-- but it does look shamelessly enjoyable. Take a look at the trailer below and keep this show in mind for its fall debut.