Another lawsuit against NBC’s Heroes apparently looks to prove that a hot blonde entering a comic book store for a job can only be used once. For all time. At least, I interpret the lawsuit as such. How else do you explain away the producers of Icelandic film Astropia claiming that the scene in which Claire goes into a comic book shop is a direct ripoff of their movie? It’s not because the idea is original, or all that creative.

It’s still a bit weird to me to refer to Hayden Panettiere as a “hot blond,” so for the purposes of this article I’ll use “cheerleader chick” and laugh as hundreds of people get Nada Surf stuck in their head this fine Friday. The only thing of merit here is that there was indeed a hot blond going into a comic store in the movie, and Heroes used its resident cheerleader chick to accomplish the same goal of geek slobbering. But that’s kind of like saying The Transformers ripped off Go-Bots or that Sylvester Stallone copied Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 80s career.

The clips are below for you to make up your own mind, but honestly this is ridiculous. The only thing being accomplished is that now I’ve heard of Astropia

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