Jesse's Pick: Hannibal
Based on Thomas Harris' best selling novels, NBC's Hannibal is a more than worthy adaptation of the iconic character often regarded as the scariest movie villain of all-time. Granted, a network television version of the slasher seems like a terrible idea (no one wants a watered down version of the cannibal) but Bryan Fuller, the genius behind the delightfully macabre Pushing Daisies, has managed to create a terrifying yet beautiful small-screen nightmare. Inspired by great works of atmospheric and psychological horror like Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, Fuller's vision is the most rewarding scary show currently on TV.

From the first shot of the first season, it was pretty obvious that Hannibal was going to be markedly different than all the other hour-long network dramas, focussing more on mood and composition than simply solving a mystery of the week. Although, there is that as well. The dark drama about Dr. Lecter mixes episodic and serialized storytelling, introducing a creepy case for the increasing unstable Will Graham to solve every week while also furthering the 'bromance' between him and the titular serial killer-slash-foodie. If you're looking for something scary to watch on Halloween, I prescribe a marathon of the graphic horror series. Bon appétit!

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