Kelly’s Pick: American Horror Story
American Horror Story knows no bounds, and that’s a key ingredient to the most twisted kind of horror. Another great thing about the series is that it resets each season, allowing the writers to explore a new story and new horror each Fall. American Horror Story: Coven is exploring the subject of witchcraft, which in itself can be scary, depending on how the magic is used. But the premise of each season is really just a backdrop for whatever horrifying scenarios Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are able to dredge up, and as I said, there are no limits to this series. It taps into the darkest side of humanity, often making people the scariest thing about the series at its core.

We’re only a few episodes into Coven and the show has already included (vague spoilers) murder, death by sex, minotaur sex, incest, the reanimation of a Frankensteined frat boy and throat-slashing, not to mention all of the horrific things Kathy Bates’ character did to her slaves in the first episode. Does American Horror Story aim for shock-value and literal over-kill? Yes, of course. But it still manages to creatively work some of the most horrible things imaginable into a story that keeps us on the edge of our seats, wondering if we’ll be able to stomach whatever’s coming next. It’s dark, it’s dramatic, and sometimes it’s even a little bit funny. But most of all, it’s scary and unpredictable in all the (so-wrong-it’s)right ways.

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