Mack’s Pick: True Blood
True Blood might boast vampires, witches and a whole host of other horror genre staples, but the longtime HBO program isn’t particularly scary in any sort of conventional way. Rather than living in the shadows or relying on jump scares, the camera is often a little more overt in showing what’s happening. Beyond that, the basic plot trajectory is sometimes so absurd as to almost be comical. So, why the hell is it on here? Because it’s constantly, aggressively and with every last fiber of its being, creepy. Really fucking creepy.

From parents attempting to drown their children to haggard family members popping through portals to forced sexual experiments to smelling pregnancy on women, at any given time at least thirty percent of True Blood’s general vibe is creepy as hell, and honestly, that’s what scares me. I can handle serial killers. I can handle things that go bump in the night. What I can’t handle are gay reverends trying to start drama, cooks getting possessed by ornery spirits and shapeshifters waking up naked on the feet of people’s beds. When in doubt, True Blood takes the road no one else would even think to travel, and more often than not, it makes me uncomfortable.

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