Am I really that guy who would rather watch mediocre singing than hear what our president has to say? The Barack Obama Power Hour is returning to television next Tuesday, March 24. And you know what? I kind of am that guy. My problem with Obama preempting the prime time lineup is not that my “stories” are so much more important than the economy. It’s that I don’t know what he has to say so soon after his last network news conference.

If this policy of constant news conferences is to continue I think Obama needs to find a better way to achieve his goal. Why not do a deal with Hulu where the filler “episodes” get featured there? Then save the big announcements for a network special. Or perhaps taking 10-15 minutes of time each week on Meet the Press would be beneficial. Although I suspect the goal is for the president to reach the widest audience possible, and neither of those suggestions would satisfy.

But here’s how the networks have decided to deal with the situation:

ABC will not air According to Jim in the 8pm hour, no real loss there. CBW is bumping NCIS and The Mentalist back one hour, and the likely to be cancelled anyways Without a Trace won’t air this week. Fox is moving American Idol once again to Wednesday and Thursday nights, leaving the rest of the schedule alone. NBC is pushing Biggest Loser back and won’t air Law & Order: SVU this week.

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