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NBC picked up Parks and Recreation for a third season, but with series star Amy Poehler pregnant with her second child, what will this mean for the series? Will the pregnancy be worked into the show? Will it interfere with production for season three?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Poehler’s character Leslie will not be getting pregnant, which means the result of Will Arnett putting a bun in Poehler’s industrial sized oven will most likely be production being moved up. That's probably not the greatest news for anyone involved in the show that hoped to have some time off, but it's good news for us as it will hopefully mean the show will resume on schedule in the fall. The Reporter stated that Parks and Recreation will stay in production following the final episode of season 2 so that there will be a stockpile of new episodes to air at the start of next season.

For those of you looking forward to this week’s episode of Parks and Rec, which features a guest appearance by Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg, we have some video clips and episode information here.

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