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I know I'm not alone in loving the recent Old Spice commercial, which features a rather dreamy man explaining how he’s the man your man could smell like. The commercial is not only laugh-out-loud funny (the best line being the last one, of course), but it’s also strangely effective.

I associate Old Spice with my dad and other dad-like figures, but after seeing the man my man could smell like, I can definitely see the fresh approach Old Spice is taking here and I’ve yet to tire from watching it. What’s more, the tricky way the ad works adds an extra layer of enjoyment. Surprisingly enough, the bulk of the special effects in the scene-shifting commercial are done with some tricky sets and a bit of fishing wire. Even the horse is real, and that’s crucial as the “I’m on a horse” moment is bound to be remembered by commercial lovers for a long time.

Below is a video featuring ChiefTWiT Leo Laporte as he interviews the commercials creators, Eric Kallman and Craig Allen of Wieden + Kennedy. The video also features the ad numerous times (once straight through and then during the interview, in clips). They dissect the ad scene by scene and discuss some of the production involved in making the ad work.

And, if you’re a fan of Mustafa, E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos posted the Twitter page for the actor, whose very manly voice certainly matches his dreamy exterior perfectly.

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