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The CBS series Moonlight may have been slightly ahead of its time as it aired just before the recent vampire craze. Unfortunately for rabid fans of Moonlight, CBS cut the series from their lineup after just one season. Is there a chance it could be coming back?

In response to fans questioning the rumors that the show might be making a return to the small screen, E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos followed up with her sources to see if something might be in the works. The news isn’t good. Dos Santos reported that Gabrielle Stanton, one of Moonlight’s writers, said the rumors about the series return have been “greatly exaggerated” and CBS debunked rumors that the network re-opened the Moonlight comments forum to see if there was still an interest in the show. So it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing the vampire-detective back on the small screen. I can’t imagine CBS would want to squash these rumors if they were planning to bring the show back.

Dos Santos did mention that with CBS cancelling Three Rivers would make Alex O’Loughlin available to return to his role as Mick St. John but I’m thinking the only chance that’ll be happening is if another network considers reviving the show.

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