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I’m not alone in my surprise at CBS’s decision to cancel the fan favorite ‘Jericho’ recently. The show about a post apocalyptic town that is just trying to survive while being invaded and attacked performed well in the fall, even maintaining a decent audience during it’s time against ratings juggernaut ‘American Idol.’ So when we were informed that things would be left hanging following the intense season finale, all that could be said was, “Nuts!” But fans of the show aren’t taking this sitting down. Much to CBS’ probable surprise, one of their shows has a sizable young, and Internet savvy, fan base that has mobilized to bring the sleepy town full of survivors back to television.

The Jericho petition currently stands at 88,000+ signatures and the fans of ‘Jericho’ have followed in the footsteps of previously cancelled shows like ‘Arrested Development.’ Kristin Veitch, E! Online’s resident TV scooper and guru, spoke with ‘Jericho’ cast member Brad Beyer (Stanley). According to Kristin’s inside information the cast and crew of ‘Jericho’ were as shocked as we were about the cancellation. They are also very much aware of the support fans have been showing the series since the axe fell. Unfortunately at the moment CBS and Paramount haven’t changed their minds.

One of the more interesting ways fans have shown their disapproval of ‘Jericho’s’ cancellation is to send nuts to CBS. This comes from a story told in the season one finale, and Jerichoholics (sorry, I had to at least once) quickly latched on to the protest possibilities. has become an unofficial supporter of the movement, probably having to do with the increased business as much as support of a great show. The online nut purveyor has set up a ’Jericho’ support page to facilitate the “nuts!” response to CBS. Currently over 24,000 pounds, yes pounds, of nuts have been sent to CBS executives. CBS president Nina Tassler even posted a note about the effort, so fans are being seen and heard.

If any changes are to occur in ‘Jericho’s’ fate they will most likely come within the next two weeks. In the meantime, you might as well send some nuts off to show your support of the best drama CBS had in its lineup.

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