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An era is ending. There was a time when Snooki’s poof was more of the talk around town than Kate Middleton’s upcoming baby, but those days are long past, fittingly ending around the time the beloved cast’s seaside getaway sustained major damage after Superstorm Sandy tore Seaside Heights, NJ apart. If you managed to stick with MTV’s Jersey Shore cast through thick and thin, the sixth and final season of Jersey Shore will be available on DVD beginning on March 19.

Jersey Shore: The Uncensored Final Season will debut with a four-disc DVD set that will include all 13 episodes of Season 6, in an unrated format. Additionally, this is the season with Snooki hanging out, pregnant, with the group and The Situation opening up on camera about his epic downfall as a party guy and subsequent trip to rehab. The usual tiffs and relationship drama occurs, but otherwise Season 6 was a fittingly strange way to send the Jersey Shore cast off.

If you did love the show, The Uncensored Final Season looks like one of the most in-depth reality series sets I’ve ever seen. The bonus features encompass over four hours of extra footage, including a retrospective featurette, as well as the final reunion special. Deleted scenes and outtakes also seem as if they will be prominent, and since hours and hours of footage of the gang is shot before being put into short episodes, these could be decent. You can check out the full list of extras, below.

Jersey Shore DVD Bonus Features
  • “Gym, Tan, Look Back Special”
  • “Reunion Special”
  • “After Hours Specials”
  • “Jersey Shore Dictionary Special”
  • “Most Outrageous Moments”
  • Deleted Scenes
  • “Breakdowns, Boobs ‘N Bronzer”
  • Photo Shoot