2. Quality Of Characters
Speaking of the show’s characters, there are a lot of them. It’s easy enough to spot Mason’s children in this episode, as he has to explain to them what went on while he was away from the base. Despite all of the action and all of the enemy plotlines, at its heart Falling Skies is also a family drama and the moments Mason shares with his kids during the episode help to show that.

Additionally, we get a close-up look at some of the top level people in the militia, which include Captain Weaver (Will Patton). I actually really liked that there are so many characters in the series that have an ease of dialogue with the main cast but that I didn’t really know much about after watching one episode. Since a bunch of people are living in a small area, it stands to reason that the show would have an ever-revolving recurring cast.

I also liked that not everyone is a fan of Tom Mason and thinks he is particularly heroic. The show sets up antagonists from within, as well as alien antagonists that could attack any time. It’s not a particularly safe or happy environment, but humanity, like it always does, just keeps on trucking.

3. Likelihood Of Staying On Air
TNT only produces roughly 10 episodes of Falling Skies per season, which means we are currently at the very tail end of Season 3. However, if you have been wanting to catch up on the series, now would be a good time to start, as TNT has renewed the drama for Season 4, which is expected to return to the schedule in 2014.

Falling Skies will be back for at least one more season, which may be enough of a reason to invest. If not, jumping in won’t be a huge time commitment either, as just a few more episodes have been produced in the series in total than network TV creates in a just one season. If you don’t want to watch, it’s because you are not interested in the premise, not because you don’t have the time.

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