2. Quality Of Characters
There’s so much action going on that the characters seem to rely more on supernatural attributes than actual personality quirks to be interesting most of the time. For instance, other than being a Grimm, the show’s lead Nick is pretty much a straightforward dude with intuitive police skills who wants to get the job done himself. A slightly more unexpected character might be Nick’s buddy, Monroe, a reformed creature who seems pleasant but a little off-kilter most of the time and who can occasional show a streak of aggression. Additional characters include Nick’s love interest, Juliette, his cop partner, Hank, and his sort-of supernatural boss, Renard.

The show’s very action-oriented, and while the characters may not always be the most interesting on television, there is a chummy aura surrounding their cores and they seem to have each other’s backs. Plus, people who like details will enjoy the wealth of background knowledge the writers try to get in about each of their characters. I’d never watched the show before “Natural Born Wesen” and I feel like I’ve gotten plenty of background info on the characters already, which is pretty impressive.

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