3. Likelihood Of Staying On Air
Tucked away on Friday nights, NBC’s Grimm is a procedural stooped in folklore with a niche fanbase. While Grimm is too oddball to even be a massive hit for NBC, the program performs steadily, averaging around 5 million total viewers each week. That’s enough to keep the show competitive with other Friday night network fodder, like ABC’s Shark Tank and CBS’ Blue Bloods. While Grimm may not work on another night, it’s a perfect fit for the Friday audience.

Currently, the show is well into its second season, and while NBC hasn’t handed down the renewal order yet, I’m betting it’s coming. Besides, if the show gets a third season, there’s no reason it won’t get a fourth, thanks to the awesomeness that is syndication rights, although with new ways to stream television, the magic 100 episodes may be changing in the next few years. Luckily, that shouldn’t affect Grimm’s chances.

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