4. Necessary Investment Level
Last Man Standing is not a show you have to tune in for every week, to its detriment. While it seems that things do occasionally change in the character’s personal lives, these changes are not moments that are difficult to pick up on once you start watching an episode. Like most comedies, each of the characters are also fairly stagnant, personality-wise, and so it seems like it would be easy to pick up right where you left off, even if you left off an entire season ago.

Last Man Standing isn’t a show fans have to commit to every week to stay updated, but it is a show that offers a little bit of nostalgia along with a comfortably racy format—a format that shows like Two and a Half Men have perfected (although I will say the characters and stories in Last Man Standing are a whole lot more likeable). If you like your TV comfortable, this one’s one of the best in the bunch in that genre.

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