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2. Quality Of Characters
Each of the guys offers a distinct personality and perspective. Gibbs is the laid-back guy who offers wisdom, Neal is a little neurotic and even more uptight but does occasionally cut loose, Milo is intelligent but self-deprecating, and Tyler is energetic and pretty into himself. Have we seen these characters before? Yes. However, I’ve never seen them in quite the same amalgamation Men at Work offers and the workplace dynamic that informs their relationships means that the guys can share pretty much any aspect of their lives and relate on some level.

From what I’ve seen, the characters bond a lot over coffee, a la Friends, and the half-jokey, half-bromance chemistry the guys have with one another is familiar but used very well in TBS’ comedy. The guys’ characters are already so close with one another in Season 2 that it’s easy to jump in and get comfortable with the crew nearly immediately.

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