NCIS LA cast 2
4. Necessary Investment Level
Very little. Despite a crazy plotline featuring a mafia group, and despite tons of action, it’s relatively easy to get to know the series, its format, and its characters. The great thing about procedurals is that you get just enough tidbits about the characters via dialogue in each episode that by the end of the episode, you feel like you already know the whole cast. Fans will be able to make statements about each of the characters like, “That’s Eric, he brings the team upstairs to brief and wears emo glasses,” by the end of the first episode.

Since procedurals are light on the personal stuff and heavy on the weekly crime, the other great thing about them is that you don’t have to tune in religiously like you would (or at least should) with some other dramas. Plus, there’s a little something for lots of different cultures. Spanish was spoken extensively in this week’s episode and I’m pretty sure some of the team members speak numerous languages. I’m betting the tea-drinking Hetty is one of them.

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