4. Necessary Investment Level
Depending on how you like your television, the necessary investment level in Warehouse 13 is either awesome or the opposite. Today’s episode was mostly a contained story, although there was enough of a plot transition to get me intrigued about next week’s episode. If you like contained mystery-solving episodes with some personal plotlines intertwined, you may very well like Warehouse 13. However, if you prefer programs that offer a continual storyline throughout the course of an entire season, you are out of luck with this one.

The biggest problem I’'ve found with this drama is that the stakes don’t ever feel particularly high. Our heroes are dealing with dangerous, supernatural artifacts, but oftentimes the abilities of these artifacts are played for jokes. The smoke monster in the episode seemed more like a curiosity than a danger, even when it was choking one of the characters, and the one time something dangerous did happen to one of the main characters, I still found myself feeling as if things will turn out alright.

The Good, The Bad, And Whether You Should Watch
Warehouse 13 can be a little cheesy. Its jokes are easy but are not always thoughtful, and it’s storylines and artifacts are often similar to other science fiction programs of its ilk. However, if you like to geek out to that sort of stuff, the show can be a lot of fun. Additionally, Warehouse 13’s characters are just familiar enough that they feel like people you might actually know.

This one’s a giant toss up. There are pros and cons to giving the show a shot, especially depending on what sort of genres you enjoy, but it is a bit late in the game to get invested right now. Think hard about what you like and what you don’t like from your television before changing the channel to Syfy or DVRing this program, but don’t let a little dislike for science fiction programming stop you from getting into this one. Sure, this show's about some wacky adventures, but it's also about the characters.

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