2. Quality Of Characters
The characters in Sons of Anarchy live by their own moral code. Despite the ties the club brings, they all have different outlooks. There’s Jax, the young hotheaded leader of the Sons, who’s out to prove something and Gemma, the hard, loyal woman who can’t let her piece of crap partner totally go (from my one viewing, I couldn’t really tell whether she was married to him or not). They may look a little different than characters in other TV shows, but inherently the characters in Sons of Anarchy are as diverse as they are familiar, just like most good programs.

Which is why I would argue Sons of Anarchy relies more on its setting and backdrop to wow audiences and to supplement the quality of its characters. The show is set in the fictional town of Charming, with enough concrete and eyesore buildings to make the leather and chains of the gangs inhabiting the town look commonplace. It’s an epic vision, and it makes the characters pop even more than a prettier setting might. Charming is not so charming, but it’s the perfect backdrop for a show that is almost as heart-wrenching as it is engaging.

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