4. Necessary Investment Level
Season 5 may not be the worst time to jump into Sons of Anarchy, but it isn’t the best time, either. With vivid details and complex relationships woven between the characters in the motorcycle gang, the characters in other gangs, and the gang members’ personal lives, there is a lot going on in FX’s drama. If you are going to jump in next week, it’s going to take someone well versed in the show to catch you up, and that person is going to have to hold your hand until you are fully integrated into the program’s universe.

Sons of Anarchy is a show where serious investment is necessary. The plotlines demand it, and if you aren’t going to watch each week, there’s really no point. If you miss more than one week, the show has left you in the dust, and good riddance. From my one integration into the series, I find it hard to believe anyone could watch the show casually and still enjoy it. It seems like an all or nothing sort of deal.

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