The Good, The Bad, And Whether You Should Watch
The Vampire Diaries is a better supernatural show than I expected. Sometimes I felt like I was watching a PG version of HBO’s hit drama, True Blood, due to the crew using some of the same camera shots to show vampire movement as well as using some of the same tropes. However, I was surprised by the pace of the show and how much the writers were able to cram into one episode, for better or for worse.

I would guess The Vampire Diaries would take two episodes to fully grasp, but by the end of the first episode, I felt like I really understood most of the character’s relationships to one another. Besides, the CW has a spinoff series called The Originals in the works. If you like supernatural programming, I’d highly suggest catching The Vampire Diaries for a couple of episodes. There is character crossover in the spinoff series and you wouldn’t even have to “jump in” midway through that show’s run.

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