Jim's Parents On The Show Are Based On Jefferies Actual Parents.
For two episodes in Season 2, we’ll get to meet Jim’s parents as they visit for the holidays, allowing a far wider and more horrific set of source material for Jim to reach into and find his story arcs. You can bet there won't just be lovey cooing once these three get together, and I'm hoping that delicious sense of discomfort smothers every scene. i asked Jefferies about the difficulties of mining such personal memories for material, and his answers was far surprisingly sweet for such a foul-mouthed lad.
”At times, you feel when you’re recreating bits of your life, you feel a little bit like, ‘Fuck, am I sharing too much? When it gets a little bit serious is, this season I’ve got my mother and father, who are in two episodes. Well, people playing my parents. Pretty much the dialogue is lifted directly from conversations I had with my parents, and I think my parents will notice it. So I’m more nervous what they think rather than what people think of my personal life. I’m worried about hurting people that I know. But I still rip off their existence and put it on television.”

You couldn't pay me to air out some of my family's more awkward moments. (Yes, you could, and please do.) Considering how nuanced Jefferies and co-creator Peter Fallon have made Steve and Billy’s family, I expect nothing but amazement once we get to meet those that brought Jim into the world. And if anything gets too weird or personal, I'll just assume that's the part he made up.

Jim Goes to Afghanistan
This was an idea that Jefferies was thinking about using in the first season, but it might have clashed with FX’s Louie, which also featured a USO tour-themed episode, and Legit was already being compared to that series enough as it was, despite being cut from a different strip of filthy cloth. So he’ll go this season, and the trip will provoke Steve to want to enforce the second amendment.
”We even touch on gun control for a little bit. Steve wants to get a gun after we go to Afghanistan and we have a little debate from that. We try not to split audiences. We try to give a very measured argument on both sides.”

And if that weren't controversial enough: “I’m gonna be dealing with, let’s say an abortion from my childhood,” Jefferies shared, without going into detail. Such touchy subjects will no doubt give a sardonic but critically responsible viewpoint that might ruffle a few feathers for no reason. These dark subjects, along with religion (which he said wont' come up much this season) are staples of his stand-up acts, and while he'll probably pull some punches, his aim may be more direct. Boy I sure hope Steve isn’t trying to get a gun after…

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