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On tonight’s episode of The Soup, Joel McHale announced that in addition to starring in NBC’s new series Community, he will remain at his job as host of the popular (and hilarious) E! clip show. Hooray!

Adding on another job to his resume and a spot on network television, this news brings McHale that much closer to being just like his multi-job-having arch nemesis Ryan Seacrest. Community will center on Jeff, an attorney who has to go back to college when he finds out his degree was deemed invalid.

News about McHale’s involvement in the series popped up back in February and many of us speculated whether or not this meant the end of McHale’s run on The Soup. As much as those of us who adore the snarky host knew he was due for an upgrade in his career, I doubt I’m alone in being excited that he’ll be sticking with The Soup. Not only does this mean twice our weekly dose of McHale but it also means we won’t be losing him entirely if Community doesn’t work out.

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