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J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan are two men generally regarded as kings of the geek world. One is responsible for Lost and the reboot of Star Trek, which the other scripted the greatest Batman film of all time in The Dark Knight. Naturally, then, when news comes down that the two will be working together, millions of people are going to lose their minds. That day is today.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Abrams is currently shopping around a new series written by Nolan that is being described as a "crime-thriller." While there are no details yet as to what the show will be about, the story says that one network has already expressed interest in the project.

There isn't a network out there that shouldn't be bidding for this show. Nolan has already shown himself to be a brilliant writer in the two-hour format, so lord only knows what he will be able to do with a full series. Throw in J.J. Abrams' name and you are only putting a shine on the gold bricks. Expect a bidding war to come.

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