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It looks like Justin Timberlake’s latest commercial has him ready to bring it on down to Tequilaville. The actor/singer’s hilarious new advertisement for Sauza 901 tequila will have you doing anything but licking salt or sucking limes in any particular order, as you’ll be too busy laughing at his hilariously humbled lime guy, Rick “Sour” Vance.

Demonstrating the uproarious lengths that can be reached in the practice of shilling for spirits, Justin Timberlake’s ads for Sauza 901 celebrate the apparent obsolescence of pairing limes and tequila with a side-splitting schadenfreude towards one specifically citrusy spokesperson played by a top-heavy Timberlake. The brand’s claims of independently tangy triple-distilled tequila ushers in this year’s Cinco de Mayo, making it clear that the once-celebrated emerald activators of taste buds belong to the past along with checkered neon lycra running shorts and snap bracelets.

Just in case word hasn’t quite gotten out regarding Justin Timberlake's post-boyband success as an actor, this commercial alone should serve as an example.

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With his numerous guest-hosting gigs on Saturday Night Live and big-screen starring roles, this conceptually simple, yet thematically complex advertisement showcases his growing depth. In it, he plays a fictional mascot for tequila limes that looks like the unholy spawn of anti-poison spokesman, Mr. Yuk and McDonalds’ Mac Tonight. Yet, the subtlety with which Timberlake conveys the desperation of the unproductively nostalgic Rick “Sour” Vance is actually quite brilliant.

It’s a story that’s been told many times. A condiment comes along and sweeps the world of potables off its feet, experiences years of success and adulation, until something comes along to pluck it off its tree of temerity, leaving it broke and broken. For Rick “Sour” Vance, his daily source of sourness comes not from the once-esteemed condiment he once embodied, but from things like his dwindling bank account and his meagerly-maintained pool that once hosted bountiful bikini babes. Clearly, the only thing that’s biting into Vance’s limes these days is the echo of his own complacency. Yet, in questionably quixotic fashion, he still predicts the day that tequila drinks “will be crawling back on their hands and knees.”

Timberlake’s character experiencing an obliteration of opulence might be considered a sad thing that detracts from the clip's promotional objective. However, as any good advertisement looks to brings it all home, painting the product in a good light, Vance ultimately acknowledges that Sauza 901 has him beat. Oh, well, at least he still has the limeades at Sonic.

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